10 core technologies of Lbest

Revolutionizing Drying Excellence: Elevate Your Lifestyle with Our Automatic Balcony Clothes Drying Racks. Harnessing 10 Cutting-Edge Technologies for Unmatched Efficiency, Convenience, and Durability. Embrace the Future of Laundry Innovation.

AC tubular motor

Central control technology

Seamless connection with intelligent central control cloud technology, perfect integration. No matter which end of the world you are on, you can use your mobile phone to remotely control all functions such as lifting and lowering clothes and the clothes dryer’s lighting, disinfection, ventilation and drying.

Wireless control system

Superheterodyne wireless remote control technology, long-distance, all-round remote control, and strong anti-interference ability; The CPU chip operating temperature is -40C-85C, and has excellent weather resistance; Multiple safety patented technologies, longer service life; Software processing of forward and reverse automatic delay to protect the motor and main board.

Security protection system

The host has automatic shutdown protection when overloaded and blocked, fully protecting the safe operation of the clothes dryer. (Patent number: ZL2008 2 0047784.3); The motor has overvoltage, overcurrent, and overheating white-activated power-off protection to fully protect the motor from damage; the control system has a number of safety patented technologies to ensure long-term use of the control system.

Five rapid drying systems

Low-carbon air-drying concept, convection air-drying design; environmentally friendly design with dual-core 15W cross-flow fans, fast drying without damaging clothes; humanized design with 3-hour timer shut-off, smart technology, energy saving and worry-free.

Mobile reel technology

Balance technology platform

1. Unique windproof and anti-sway technology.
2. Excellent load-bearing performance and longer service life.

Light wave sterilization system

1. Light wave ozone two-pronged disinfection and sterilization is both economical and environmentally friendly
2. High-point opening technology ensures efficient disinfection and sterilization without affecting human health
3.30-minute timed shut-off technology ensures sufficient disinfection and sterilization without damaging clothes

Energy-saving technology platform

1. An innovative technology platform that only requires one kilowatt hour of electricity per year.
2. Disinfection, air drying, and drying all use scheduled automatic shutdown to save power.
3. Using an AC motor will not waste any electricity even if it is powered on for a long time.
4. Limit the overload operation of the motor when overloaded.

Wind sensing device

When encountering windy or rainy weather, the unique wind sensing device quickly issues instructions based on wind sensing. The lower drying rod automatically rises to the top to prevent wind from blowing off clothes and rain from getting wet, and also protects the scissor rack from being damaged by wind.