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What projects are good for joining the Expo

What projects are good for joining the Expo? It turns out that this is the standard for success!

From July 8th to 11th, 2020, the Guangzhou International Architectural Decoration Expo will be grandly opened in Guangzhou, and LBest will bring new products and business models to the current construction expo.

1. Share new marketing

This year, the LBest pavilion continued its consistent brand attitude: quality and high-end. The pavilion is designed in a modern, light and luxurious fashion style, and the visually-tensile appearance expresses a new concept and experience.

2. Innovative products to meet demand

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LBest insists on developing new products with market thinking and user thinking. The Q5 self-rotating ceiling mounted clothes dryer rack breaks through innovations in terms of clothes drying rods. The “ring-shaped clothes dryer rack structure + automatic rotating hanging technology” realizes the upgrade from static clothes to dynamic clothes; X15 intelligent clothes dryer has double clothes bars and double quilt bars. , 35KG load-bearing, with LED lighting, ultraviolet disinfection function, the family daily clothes drying is just right.

M02 intelligent drying rack for clothes two-color selection, adapt to different home decoration styles; expand the ultrasonic physical mite removal and strengthen health functions; Q3 mite removal clothes hanging rack with new luminous design on both sides, more comprehensive lighting coverage; new offline voice control function; expansion Induction protection of ultraviolet sterilization human body.

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