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What is a new coronavirus

1.What is a new coronavirus?Coronavirus only infect svertebrates and can
cause respiratory and digestive system and
neurological diseasesin human sandanimals.
The virus this time is a new coronavirus strain
that has never been found inhumans before,and is
named 2019-nCoV. It is confirmed that people can
be passed from person toperson.

How is it transmitted?2.How is it transmitted?
1.Generally it is transmitted through droplets
(sneezing/coughing) and contact (diggingnostrils/
rubbing eyes with hands that have been exposed to the
2.The virus is highly transmissive.If no protective
measures are taken,or etically one patientcan transmit
the virus to two to three people.
3.The max imumtime from new virus to disease onset is
14 days,so close contacts should be observed for 14

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