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What happened to L Best recently

“Easy AI easy to dry”

Because the 3rd LBest Intelligent clothes hanger Festival.

At the third session of LBest Intelligent clothes hanger Festival press conference, Mr. Cao Junhuang, the vice president, with the agent representatives started the conference.

The tenth anniversary of LBest has been established.After make joint efforts of all the employees in LBest company,At present, the LBest brand is already be the first well-known international brands.Looking forward to the development of LBest intelligent clothes hanger in the next decade.The four major shareholders witnessed by the national agent today.Set a goal and create a brilliant record again. Believe that under the leadership of President Chen Lingyun, Vice President Mr. Cao Junhuang and General Manager Liu Haihui, It is sure to achieve an annual output value of 10 billion enterprises!

Mr. Lau Haihui, the general manager, made a new product analysis of “ai” core technology and shining sales points for everyone.

Mr. Lau Haihui, the general manager discussed, exchanged and shared topics such as “Intelligent Change of Life”, “AI Technology”, “AI and Our Life” with local operators.

Major shareholders announced that the flagship store will soon introduce smart fingerprint locks and smart ceiling cloth hanger, All LBest sale teams will give a full service to operators,Increase the profitability of more than 1,500 flagship stores of LBest agents.

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