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What are the characteristics of ceiling clothes dryer

What are the characteristics of ceiling clothes dryer?

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1. High-end technology, the appearance is very beautiful and atmospheric, installed on the balcony, both beautiful and practical.

2. It can be intelligently controlled and has an intelligently controlled disinfection lamp. When the ceiling clothes drying rack reaches a certain height, the disinfection lamp will automatically turn on and automatically turn off after a few minutes of exposure to prevent ultraviolet rays from harming the human body. The human body is also more humane.

3. The fully automatic ceiling clothes dryer is also equipped with a fan, which can blow dry clothes and use intelligent control switches. Each time the fan is turned on for an hour, it will automatically turn off, which can help the clothes dry faster, and can also save electricity bills, and the owner does not need to worry, the design effect will be better.

4. The automatic ceiling Mounted Cloth Drying Rack adopts a special structure design. The swing width of the hanger will be greatly reduced, and the wind resistance of the whole hanger will be greatly enhanced. When in use, the hanger is not easy to shake.

5. The automatic ceiling clothes dryer also has an intelligent protection system. If something hits the hanger when it falls, the hanger will immediately stop rising or falling to avoid unnecessary accidents.

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