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Voice-controlled automatic clothes hanger won the Sunflower Award

On July 9th, at the awarding ceremony of the “2019 Sunflower Awards Smart Home Selection Competition” at the Guangzhou Fair, voice-controlled automatic clothes hanger developed by LBest was awarded the “2019 Smart Clothes Industry Gold Award”by the Sunflower Award!

Q4 voice-controlled automatic clothes hanger won “2019 Smart Washing Machine Industry Product Gold Award” Medal, Certificate.

Q4 voice-controlled automatic clothes hanger is developed on the considered from the consumer demand. It combines new hard cores such as “AI voice control + ultrasonic + dynamic 4-color light”.The ceiling clothes hanger is pink, and the stylish and young color can add extra points to the matching effect of the family balcony.

In this award, Q4 automatic clothes hanger depend on control technology, new functions, new design, outstanding performance in many excellent products.

      Portable clothes rack regardless of the technology, function, or product design and process of the product.The intelligence of the Q4 voice-controlled automatic clothes hanger solves the user’s drying problem and improves the quality of the clothes.

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