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The 28th China International Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities Exhibition

From May 14 to 17, 2024, the 28th China International Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition) came to a perfect conclusion. Lianba welcomes every guest at home and abroad with a new attitude and enthusiastic lineup, showing everyone different products, services and experiences. After the four-day exhibition, Airba came back with a full load, and the future will continue to be exciting. We look forward to creating a beautiful new journey with you!

At this exhibition, Liangba created an image booth focusing on product display and experience, arranged a warm and comfortable experience area and reception area, gathered high-tech products for intelligent clothes drying, and created a quality feast for our customers. Deliver better value. The scene was packed with people and attracted much attention.

During the exhibition, Airba attracted the attention of many overseas customers. The many smart clothes dryers with different functional positions and designs on display on the site tightly locked the attention of foreign businessmen. They were attracted by the unique design and design of smart clothes dryers. A variety of features showed strong interest.

Thanks to overseas customers and friends for their high recognition of the company’s products, Liangba will adhere to the corporate mission of “providing smart clothes dryers for families around the world”, continue to move forward on the road of independent innovation in industry applications, and bring better quality to domestic and foreign users. smart clothes dryer.

During the exhibition, Lianba targeted the balcony appliance consumer market with its leading products, excellent quality and professional services, attracting in-depth communication and negotiations with many interested customers. The popularity of the event is soaring, the signing data is constantly being refreshed, and the brand’s charm is endlessly blooming!

At this exhibition, Lianba provides partners with all-round guidance from pre-opening to all-round marketing guidance after formal operations. It uses solid brand influence and complete product lines, and insists on using the most worry-free model to attract dealers. Help customers develop and win the future together!

The Lianba brand has very successful operating experience and management system in the market. Airba hopes to share its mature profit model with more customers through this exhibition, so that dealers can have more confidence when operating clothes dryer projects!

Although the 28th Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition has ended, Lianba’s pace has never stopped. In the future, we will increase our pace to bring more advanced and high-quality products and more professional and considerate services to our customers.

Thank you again to every customer for your support and trust in Hangba!

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