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The 2019 “drying rack industry professional committee” chairman’s office meeting was held in LBest

2019 “drying rack industry professional committee” chairman’s office meeting was held in LBest

    2019 is a crucial year for the development of the clothes hanger industry, and the development of the industry has entered an adjustment period. In order to summarize the work of the Association in 2019, arrange the focus of the next work of the Association and the next year’s work plan, on December 4th in Guangdong LBest Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (Executive Chairman Unit of the Professional Committee of the Drying Rack Industry Committee of the China Building Decoration Materials Association) Held an on-site office meeting of the president of the space saving hangers industry.

    In this meeting, the presidents conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on manufacturing, market and future trends. Mr. Xu, Secretary General of the best clothes hangers Industry of China Building Decoration and Decoration Materials Association. Mr. Lingyun Chen , President of the Drying Industry, Mr. Junhuang Cao, Vice President, Mr. Haihui Liu, General Manager, Mr. Rong Zhen , Assistant President and Director of the Brand Center, and members of the electric hanger industry Association attended the meeting.

    As the executive chairman unit of the drying rack industry professional committee and one of the drafting units of the [National Standards for the Intelligent portable hanger Industry], the drying bar takes the responsibility of guiding the development of industry standardization, large-scale and benign development, and promotes the development of the industry. Relying on the brand effect of the head, promote and popularize the quality life of clothes in modern families.

    In the era of changing consumer scenarios, Airbest is also working hard to explore new products, new channels and new services, and open up a user-centric marketing model.

At present, intelligent products and services have been integrated into all aspects of ordinary people’s lives, smart speakers, smart TVs, smart switches … These continue to bring us a smart, convenient and comfortable experience.


    Dryer is optimistic about the future of the intelligent clothes dryer industry, and continuously increases investment in research and development, design, smart manufacturing, service and promotion, so that the clothes dryer can better integrate into the ranks of home appliances and serve users; The development and application of intelligent sound control, using technology to expand the possibilities of smart life for users.

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