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Temper the team, consolidate internal strength, LBEST 2024 semi-annual product training (T1), promote the business development of the next year with a new attitude

June is the last month of the first half of the year. As time goes by, the second half of the year is about to start.

In order to improve the product knowledge reserve ability of domestic sales personnel, hone personal will, build a high-performance team, and stimulate their work enthusiasm and innovation motivation, so as to better serve the market and customers. LBEST Company held the 2024 semi-annual product training (T1) at the headquarters on June 18, promoting business development in the second half of the year with higher fighting spirit and a new attitude.

Content of this training:

  1. Introduction to popular products (T1 smart clothes drying machine)
  2. Interactive product knowledge Q&A to deepen cognition
  3. Cohesion of the team and stimulation of good working state

T1 hidden smart clothes drying machine

T1 hidden smart clothes drying machine has an ultra-thin body, exquisite craftsmanship, simple appearance, and is very durable when installed on the balcony, creating a good user experience for users. Moreover, T1 is a cost-effective new product that is easily accepted by consumers and will be another hot product in 2024.

Regarding this semi-annual training, Mr. Liu Haihui, General Manager of LBEST Company, gave important instructions before the training began: “The iron must be hard to forge. Every marketing staff of the company should consolidate their internal strength, be down-to-earth, work hard, and recharge continuously, and consciously use the product knowledge they have learned to guide the work of the terminal market. He also put forward specific requirements for the mode of this training, emphasizing the combination of training and combat interaction.”

Mr. Zhang Ming, a senior lecturer of LBEST Business School, started to talk about the T1 hidden smart clothes drying machine. His professional explanation attracted everyone to listen attentively. Everyone took notes while listening and recorded every knowledge point with a serious learning attitude.

In the company’s exhibition hall, General Manager Liu gave everyone product selling point reinforcement training and Q&A interaction. Every student was in high spirits and the learning atmosphere was full…

The domestic sales staff showed their own spirit and went all out to integrate into this learning opportunity. They look forward to being empowered in terms of ability in this study, further improving their personal and team qualities, just to better adapt to market changes and corporate development requirements, and better serve dealers and users across the country.

We should take this training and study as a new starting point to promote the development of work in the second half of 2024. Only by making continuous progress in learning can we continue to forge ahead in practice. The beauty of life requires hard work. In the second half of the year, let us speed up, improve our service capabilities, and contribute more to the development of the company.

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