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Smart Voice Control for Free Dry Clothes

Smart Voice Control for Free Dry Clothes

Demonstration of voice control smart clothes rack(come in)

This smart clothes rack called” Xiaoliang”, When you want to dry clothes, you just say, “Xiaoliang, I want to dry clothes.” The clothes dryer will lower automatically.

But after you dry your clothes, you just say, “The clothes are dry.” The dryer will automatically rise.

If you want to dry or sterilize your clothes, you just need to give the corresponding instructions … very obedient!

What are the black technologies of the sound-controlling Electric drying racks? Is there such a hard core function?

The voice-controlled drying rack for clothes has a strong semantic comprehension ability, which is more natural in voice interaction. 4 ring microphones, 360 ° recognition, ± 5 ° sound source localization, 5m far-field voice, can recognize many dialects. By talking with the clothes rack for drying many times, the clothes dryer can learn intelligently and accurately determine the user’s needs, just as close and natural as chatting with friends.

The intelligentization of the voice-controlled clothes dryer rack is not only limited to the functions of the cloth dryer hanger itself, it also provides us with more exclusive services, such as listening to music, listening to radio stations, listening to weather forecasts, searching encyclopedias, and translating online.

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