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Simply don’t want “Thai Perfection”! LBEST Gold Distributor 2024 Thailand Study Tour 6 Days Successfully Ended

In order to enhance the cohesion between the company and the gold medal distributors and enrich the company’s corporate culture, LBEST Company organized the [Gold Medal Distributor-2024 Thailand Style Experience 6 Days Tour] study tour from June 22 to 27, starting a 6-day and 5-night “Thai Flavor” study tour to experience the “Thailand Thailand” style in a foreign country.

Get together before departure, ride the wind and waves in 2024, and go to a better place together!

The day of departure happened to be the birthday of Ms. Zhan Shengli, a distributor in Taojiang, Yiyang, Hunan. As the birthday girl, LBEST Company specially prepared birthday cakes and flowers for her at the hotel, and everyone celebrated and shared together. The birthday party full of ritual sense made President Zhan feel the company’s full care and blessings.

LBEST President Mr. Chen Lingyun, Vice President Mr. Cao Junhuang, and General Manager Mr. Liu Haihui took a group photo with everyone

In June, prosperity bloomed. At this beautiful moment, the LBEST team was full of passion and embarked on a long-awaited trip to Thailand to explore different exotic cultures and see a different world. It was simply “Thai” beautiful!

Thailand was called Siam in ancient times. It has experienced four dynasties so far: Sukhothai Dynasty, Ayutthaya Dynasty, Thonburi Dynasty and Bangkok Dynasty. It is an ancient civilization with profound cultural heritage and rich historical relics. It is known as the “Land of Smiles” and “Land of Thousand Buddhas”.

Thailand is a country with a strong belief in Buddhism and is one of the countries with the highest happiness index in the world. The LBEST study tour team walked into the Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha Temple to purify their souls and pray for themselves and their families. May their families be safe and healthy, their work go smoothly, and their wishes come true.

Take a cruise to the mother river of Thailand, the beautiful Chao Phraya River, winding through this land. The scenery on both sides of the river is different and picturesque.

The cruise ship shuttles on the river, carrying everyone between the two banks, allowing everyone to experience Thailand’s unique water life and feel the pulse of this city.

Pattaya is a famous tourist city in Thailand. Anyone who has been to Pattaya will feel that this is a city full of vitality and charm. Pattaya’s bars, nightclubs and casinos are full of carnival and passion. Pattaya’s night is full of all kinds of things that make your eyes overwhelmed, the crowds are surging, the lights are bright and the wine is red, and every frame is a story.

With the lights on and the neon lights flashing, the LBEST team took a cruise to the legendary Oriental Princess. Everyone enjoyed the joy, tasted fine wine and food, enjoyed the exotic night view, and danced with the most beautiful ladyboys. When you come to Thailand, you must check in for the special ladyboy show! They are dressed in Luo skirts, singing and dancing, beautiful and sweet, and walk off the stage from time to time to interact with tourists, which is very charming; exquisite makeup, enchanting posture, beautiful to make people move.

If Pattaya’s nightlife is colorful and enthusiastic, then Pattaya’s daytime entertainment projects are also very exciting and unique.

Jinsha Island is a small island located west of Pattaya. It is famous for its blue sky, blue sea, white waves and fine sand, delicious seafood and water activities. Everyone takes a speedboat to Jinsha Island to experience the fresh holiday life here and go to a romantic date with the sea.

Touring Jinsha Island and playing on the coastal beaches is not only a wandering to let the soul fly, but also an experience of learning and growth, and a precious memory in life.

Travel with excellent people!

Only by walking different roads can you see different scenery! A good trip is a scenery, happiness, and the sublimation of life. A six-day tour in Thailand is a feast of multicultural experience.

Take a photo in front of the rich and noble golden house

This is a unique study tour in Thailand. Let’s enjoy the beautiful scenery of Thailand, feel the diverse culture of the nation, taste the authentic flavors, appreciate the exotic customs, and spend a wonderful and pleasant time together.

A red wine party was held for everyone the day before the return of the study tour in Thailand. At the party, General Manager Cao gave a summary speech for everyone: This time, we invite everyone to gather in Thailand for sightseeing and study tours, and hope that everyone will have an unforgettable and wonderful journey. Study tours are the best way to improve thinking and cognition. What you see and hear can change a person’s thinking. The height of a career lies in the breadth of cognition. LBEST must help everyone’s career enter a higher dimension. In the future, everyone should move towards a new starting point and a new goal, and push their careers to new heights together!

General Manager Cao spoke to everyone and hoped that everyone would have a wonderful journey.

Group photo at the Bangkok Hotel before returning

Accompanied by the summer wind, the LBEST team went from the busy city to the exotic island, leaving unforgettable footprints in the prosperity of Bangkok, feeling the magical country, appreciating the colorful Siam, and weaving a beautiful memory of team, friendship and growth together.

The 2024 LBEST Gold Distributor Study Tour in Thailand will take everyone out to explore, see, and sublimate this journey of life. LBEST provides everyone with the best specifications and the most wonderful experience for every long journey and every physical and mental study tour. Studying in Thailand, let us always cherish this unforgettable memory, let it become a milestone on our way forward, and inspire us to continue to pursue our dreams and create a better tomorrow!

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