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Review of LBest 2019

Review of LBest 2019

2019 is coming to an end. Looking back on 2019, in this year, a lot of things can happen to everyone, and in every aspect, it varies from person to person! There are also many stories that have been experienced in a year. Three are not enough to choose … Maybe everyone is playing a hot spot, taking some important pictures, sharing some people or things. An individual will leave some deeper memory points in a year. For an enterprise, in the year, there are many things that can be counted and summarized.

Share the photos you don’t want to delete of LBest in 2019


March 5th [New Ecology, New LBest] Annual Meeting

Promote new development by constructing a new ecology of products, marketing, image, and [Eco-LBest to accelerate the future]

Participated in the three major exhibitions of Shanghai Construction Expo, Shanghai Bathroom Exhibition, Guangzhou Construction Expo

Brand Day

LBest 5.26 Super Brand Day, with the slogan [Release Super Drying], to bring users super quality, super cost-effective, super service, super experience

New listing

Aurora Q4 voice-activated mite drying rack for clothes, Q5 max maternal and child machine electric heated drying rack, and smart lock products bring new products and new experiences to users.


Sponsored Beijing Satellite TV’s “Award for Stars”, CCTV Consumer Proposal / Space Model Columns cooperated with high-speed rail and airport large screens to increase brand awareness


Airbike organizes and plans more than 30 medium and large-scale training activities throughout the country. Serve good users


Dayan Award, Group Standard “Smart Clothes Dryer” Labeling Verification Unit Sunflower Award, Smart Home Innovation Development and Technology Standards Industry Alliance Associate Manager

Voice control

The sound control of the drying bar is the freedom from a single drying tool to the information interaction; it is the freedom from the boring clothes form to the rich life application

This year has passed, I like you for all your dedication! Which of these bits and pieces are connected to you in 2019? May all the memory points inspire later. Looking forward to 2020, let’s pursue a better and more meaningful year together.

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