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Products that can dry clothes and have certain bactericidal effect

In the face of virus and wet weather

You can choose the products that can dry clothes and have certain bactericidal effect

Clothes will not dry and still wet = Breed bacteria?

Harmful microorganisms, dust mites, bacteria and so on mostly exist in warm, humid and non ventilated environment, together with dust particles, they exist in the air, and become the media of allergen and disease transmission.

When the clothes cannot be dried in time due to the impact of the environment, or when the weather is wet in the south, it will become a hotbed of various harmful bacteria, which can rapidly breed and breed in a short time, and then pollute the clothes.

Clothes contaminated by bacteria will affect your health, and the risk cannot be ignored!

Dry clothes can prevent the growth of bacteria.

Products that can dry clothes and have certain bactericidal effect,you can choose:

No.1 Clothing care machineClothing care machine function of disinfection and dryingFeatures: closed type dry clothes disinfection.   Although it is not ventilated, it has the function of   disinfection and drying. The drying of clothes   depends on machines and the price is medium.
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No.2 Electric clothes hangerElectric clothes hanger with disinfection and air drying and heater dryingFeatures: ventilation clothes drying machine ,and has he function of disinfection, air drying and heater drying. In sunny days, it can be directly dried, and in wet days, it can start the functional drying mode. The price is cheaper than other.Click to view >>
No.3 Dryer machineFeatures: Washing and drying integration,It seems very convenient to wash and dry, but the power consumption is large, relying on machine drying, almost no contact with sunlight, and the price is relatively expensive.

In China, people are used to relying on the sun to dry clothes. On the one hand, it’s more environmentally friendly. On the other hand, it’s a Chinese tradition. No.2 Electric clothes hanger is widely used in high-end residential areas in China. People who use this type of clothes will be regarded as rich people

Drying clothes is a hotbed to prevent bacteria, and effective disinfection and sterilization are the key measures for health and safety protection.

UV lamp is one of the most widely used ways of sterilization. It is easy to operate and used in many families. Through ultraviolet radiation on bacteria, viruses, etc., the DNA structure in the body is destroyed, which makes it immediately die or lose the ability of reproduction. According to the health protection committee, the new coronavirus is sensitive to ultraviolet radiation (source: clove doctor epidemic situation). Experts suggest that daily exposure to ultraviolet light can effectively achieve disinfection.

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