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Not all disinfection functions of electric clothes dryer have safety settings

The special disinfection function of disinfect clothes hanger is introduced here. 

Not all disinfection functions of electric clothes dryer have safety settings. Let’s take a look at safe sterilization.

Safety disinfection function: The disinfection function of the electric clothes dryer is to sterilize through the principle of ultraviolet disinfection, but everyone knows that ultraviolet rays can not directly irradiate human skin, otherwise it will cause certain harm to the skin, 

So LBest had better design this electric clothes airer machine to make a special design, when the disinfection function is turned on, people use the clothes airing machine to lower the clothes airing pole,people are under the clothes, the electric clothes airer machine will automatically turn off the disinfection function, when the clothes are hung up, raise the clothesline. The disinfection light will be turned back on. 

Many other manufacturers in the production of disinfect clothes hanger are not pay attention, so it is difficult to buy back, because LBest is the origin of the electric clothes airer, everyone thinks LBest is more mature and convenient, so buy or choose the best manufacturers.

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