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Love is free, housework is handed over to the smart machine

It is a very exciting moment that March finally came, because this is probably the most romantic and lovely day in March– International Working Women’s Day (March 8),  Let’s see the happiness and activities first ~~~

The goddess arrived, a gift already prepared!!

    The famous author Bing xin once said, if there are no women, the world would lose five out of ten “truth”, six out of ten “goodness”, seven out of ten “beauty”.A woman is a daughter, a lover, a wife, a mother…No matter what kind of identity, she would always interpret the true, good and beautiful.

As “half the sky” in LBest , Women play different roles in work and life.In ordinary positions, they are dedicated to the good staff; In daily life, they are good wives, good mothers and good daughters. .At the same time they also have the spirit “Being the top one” .

there are thousands of women in the world , But women in the LBest are the most good-looking goddess~~~

    March 8, is their festival .Under the care of Mr. Chen lingyun, the CEO, and Mr. Cao junhuang, the vice President, the company has planned a happy customized welfare for this group of lovely people!!!

Because of you, the world is so beautiful, warm and wonderful. Here are the flowers and chocolates for you with full of blessings.  We wish our goddess in LBest youth and glorious.

    LBest is a warm family. The original intention of LBest to develop and produce the automatic clothes rack is to start from a “love”. He hopes that the women of each family can be free and peaceful, in order to break the traditional female to become a slave to housework. So the first electric ceiling mounted lifting clothes hanger was born.

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