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LBest’s creative Women ‘s Day for female

LBest’s creative Women ’s Day for female

In China, it is customary to refer to Women’s Day as Queen’s Day, and all women will be treated like a queen on this day.

Let’s see what has done for female colleagues on Women‘day in our company.

Before going to work, the male colleagues came to the company early, set up the company’s reception, and put on a mysterious mask. Standing in front of the door lined up in two rows

everything was ready. At 8.30 hours during work, colleagues came to the company and entered the gate, the female colleagues responded “Wow” first

by the male colleagues sent a blessing and delivered Roses and a box of clothes hangers as gifts. Our boss and president also attach great importance to this holiday and participate in it, sending warmth and blessings to colleagues.

Everyone in Liangba is a queen and a male god today, at LBest clothes dryer electric

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