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LBest’s colleagues and co-agents are both LBest’s family

Today is a good day and a very special day. When we were young, at school, every time we were teachers’ day, we would hold flowers and gifts to thank the teachers who taught us. When I grew up, I left the campus and went to work. I also met a life tutor——General Manager Liu. Yes, he is our general manager. Unlike other leaders, He often shares his product experience with us He leads the company’s largest domestic sales department and our foreign trade department. It often inspires us at work and shares his new ideas with us. We have learned more than experience and more skills. Therefore, he is our leader more like our teacher. Today is Teacher’s Day. Foreign Trade Department has prepared a special surprise for General manager Liu.

Desserts from the hands of the international business partners(This is the dish we made)


    Just thank you for your patient guidance and help for our work, and help you to solid product knowledge, master sales skills, and let every sales person go to the market with full confidence!

    After the meal, we organized a party.

    Take a photo with the teacher Liu!

LBest not only provides us with a good working platform, but also provides us with a good learning platform.

Today, The guys of the Foreign Trade Department prepared delicious meals with their hands, and planned a different thanksgiving activities. Thanks to General Manager Liu Zong (Director Liu of the Business School) for quietly observing foreign trade. The support and help, the growth and development of foreign trade is inseparable from the support and help of General manager Liu. With gratitude, the colleagues of the Ministry of Foreign Trade cooperate with each other, and the teamwork arranges a warm and creative teacher activity.

This is the working area of our International Business Division, a global village with 7 billion people. Our daily work is also carried out around these 233 countries and regions. General Liu said, how good you are, 80 domestic sales colleagues are only facing China’s 1.4 billion people, and our 10 foreign trade departments are facing a population of 7 billion, which is really great.

Since I am here, let me show you that our foreign trade department !~

At present, the products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions such as France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia, South Korea, etc., and are well received by consumers all over the world. This is due to the great mission of Airworthy to provide high-end smart washing machines for families around the world. It is with strong quality assurance that we can gain a lot in the market.

It is also because of a group of lovely customers that we can provide high-end smart washing machines for families around the world, so that more families can appreciate the convenience and fun of electric washing machines.

I think everyone has seen our sales performance. Yes, we are the leading foreign trade army that led the Chinese electric washing machine out of the country. Is the performance a bit horrible? Don’t believe it, let’s feel the cultivation process of our foreign trade tiger wolf division…

    The company organizes new training every week, must study in the workshop, and pass the company assessment 7 days later to formally take up the post. Next, various devil-style trainings will follow, and the product knowledge will be burned, the new products will be refreshed, the selling point will be explained, etc.

Has the training been up to standard? Of course not. After many times of installing the machine, disassembling the machine, repairing and rehearsing, etc., after passing the assessment, it will become a foreign trader of LBest, and will be assigned the responsible area and qualified to receive overseas customers. As a smart electric washing machine, the drying tyrant is a serious industry leader. The foreign trader is a professional overseas pioneer.

    Do the partners of the Foreign Trade Department only have customers and performance? Of course not, we also have a good spare time.

    The mission of LBest International Business Division is to let the people around the world enjoy the happiness and healthy clothes. In order to realize our great mission, the International Business Division will not only go to other countries in the world, but also vigorously carry out various international exhibitions to welcome the friends of all countries in the world enter to LBest… LBest products participate in China’s import and export transactions every year, China Building Materials Expo, R+T International Door and Window Sunshade Exhibition, Sanitary Ware Exhibition, and other international exhibitions, which are loved and recognized by people all over the world.

    Looking for suppliers’ customers, visiting companies, and giving high praise to the company’s product design concept, highly praised product quality.

    The achievements of the International Business Department can be reflected from our normal work status. We are only for the same goal. Our target core is always the whole department. We have departments in our hearts to make ourselves go higher and make the department stronger. Because we are a “home” and strive for our own home, we all share the same belief.

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