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LBest sponsored home design show launched on BTV

On May 15th, the first star of the crossover design sponsored by LBest to transform the reality show [Aspired Stars] will be officially launched in Beijing Satellite TV.

In the program, LBest will create a customized version of “Star Residence” for a homeowner’s family, bringing you more exclusive balcony decoration cheats! At the same time, the concept of pursuing a beautiful life is passed.

The balcony is not just a balcony, it is also the second living room of the family.

In the upgrade and renovation of the balcony, how will LBest bring a new balcony with texture to the owners, extending more possibilities for life, and letting the public feel the optimization changes brought by the advancement of science and technology?

In the home industry, design is technology

[Aspired Stars] In the program, LBest will bring new star products – Q4 voice-controlled smart clothes hanger, with the power of “design + art”, to create the ideal “star residence”, to enhance the modern family balcony clothes life Quality and taste.

The industry launched a high-end intelligent clothes hanger machine with “dynamic breathing light design + ultrasonic mitigation technology + AI voice control”.

Q4 is in the process of solving the difficulty of drying clothes. At the same time, from the aesthetic and craftsmanship, it gives the product a sense of beauty and enhances the quality of life, and won the Red Cotton Award Product Design Award.

At 21:18 on May 18th, LBest special, [Aspired Stars] Mr. Gu Hao, the main designer, walked into the Beijing Red Star North Fifth Ring Store. At that time, Mr. Gu Hao will form a cross-border partnership with the stars, and participate in the design, construction and layout of the whole process, which will add to the dream of the owners.

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