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LBEST participated in the 27th Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition

LBEST participated in the 27th Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition. The morale of the elite team on site was high. The teams in the northern, central and western areas, and southern areas of Airba Company were ready to go, and greeted customers with the best condition and efficient service.

The growth of LBEST in the market in the past 15 years. Advanced products, just-needed markets, and broad prospects. Welcome everyone to learn about the industry, understand Airba, and seek cooperation opportunities.

Unlock smart clothes drying life

LBEST brings a new clothes dryer product

Appeared in the 27th Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition

The Q6 invisible smart clothes dryer has a unique structure and can be installed on the surface or concealed; it has an advanced shape, no scissor rack design, and the drying rod can be controlled separately. Simple, beautiful and smart, its good looks can stand the test of time.

X16A invisible single-pole clothes dryer, luxurious and beautiful, specially designed for installation in narrow spaces; the hidden single-pole model is easy to disassemble and maintain, and can be used in homes, apartments, hotels and other places.

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