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LBest has landed on CCTV

In order to deepen the market, consolidate the brand foundation, and help the brand to develop acceleration, after the sponsorship of Beijing Satellite TV’s first star cross-border design home improvement transformation reality show [a year of star-studded], it also invested heavily in CCTV2[consumption claims], [space Example] and other columns.

Since May, LBest has landed on CCTV [Consumer Proposition” and “Space Model]  to meet with 1.4 billion viewers.

Guangdong LBest Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of high-end intelligent clothes hanger machines (electric drying racks, smart drying racks), was established in 2008. Honors & Awards: industry standard drafting unit, Guangdong famous brand product unit, China Building Decoration Materials Association drying rack industry professional committee executive president unit; national high-tech enterprises, red cotton award product design award, Guangdong high-tech products.

LBest masters the core technology of smart clothes hanger and is an enterprise with strong research and development strength and great development potential in the electric clothes drying rack industry.

This brand promotion through TV channels is also one of the strategies for the implementation of brand promotion in the company, demonstrating the confidence and determination of the company to become bigger and stronger of brand development.

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