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LBest all employees participate in anti-drug charitable concerts

The 32nd International Anti-Drug Day is coming soon. In order to strengthen the anti-drug culture and enhance young people’s understanding of drug-related, and anti-drug knowledge, on June 15, 2019, the Guangzhou Municipal Government and the Huangpu District Government jointly organized an innovation and Anti-drug culture publicity activities at the memory point – the first “Most Anti-drug People” Award Ceremony in Guangzhou and the charity concert of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Business School.

    This charity event incorporates musical elements and combines wisdom to promote anti-drugs, bringing a rich anti-drug culture to the audience. Under the leadership of Mr. Cao Junhuang, the vice president, and Mr. Liu Haihui, the general manager of the LBest, all employees are enthusiastic to participate.

     Guangdong Hangba Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is the first member of the Huangpu District Anti-Drug Association. While creating value through sustainable development, we must not forget the social responsibility of the company.

     Supporting anti-drug social activities is a positive energy event, and it can help the anti-drug public welfare. It is a very glorious event for LBest.

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