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L Best bring you to know more about China Traditional Culture

——L Best intelligent clothes hanger

The weather is really good today. Blue sky, slow wind, it is warm and sunny winter at the end of the Chinese lunar calendar.

China is a big country, there are many mountains, in some geomantic treasure land, there will have some temple in or near the mountain, and the monks living there. Monks is a sincere person to the Buddha, they are kind-hearted and love peace, they pray every day for happiness and well-being, world peace. Monks will not marry, not killing, no drinking, and vegetarian.

Some people with faith of Buddha will go to the temple very often; they go there pray too, be healthy, be happy, all the best in their life and family, especially in some important Chinese traditional festival.

In ancient time, Chinese young girls do not have much change to know new friends, especially heterosexual friend, their parents and the young girls will go there pray for a good marriage.

Nowadays there are much less people have faith of Buddha and traditions living habit, but in eastern Guangdong, there are few cities we called “Chaoshan” people, they still keep Chinese traditions habit very well. Cultural heritage is important in their life.

China is a ancient country, welcome to China and know more about China.L Best’s foreign trade department takes a photo here.

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