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Is the smart clothes dryer really practical

Is the smart clothes dryer really practical?

I must admit that I am a person who is too lazy to dry clothes. In China, every family in our house hangs clothes on the balcony, and the bacteria in the clothes can be eliminated by natural drying. I will dry it once a day. I don’t like collecting clothes and drying clothes, because the poles for hanging clothes are too high, so drying clothes is very laborious for me.

In modern society, we can already use the washing machine to save the most time-consuming “washing” step. But after all, “laziness is nature”. How can humans stop here? Therefore, the “smart clothes dryer” was born, trying to further liberate our hands on the problem of “drying clothes”.

So, Is the smart clothes dryer really practical?
I replaced the clothes rod that I hate most at home with a smart clothes hanger and tried it out for a month. Here are my feelings.

If you, like me, used “hand braces” to dry clothes before, then I believe you have encountered the following problems:

The arms and neck are prone to soreness because they have to keep the clothes on the clothes rail
When it’s time to collect the clothes, I hold the clothes with one hand and hold the clothes with the other hand. I’m too tired.

The smart drying rack, which has the function of automatic lifting, can bear about 35 KG. The speed of descent and ascent is relatively slow, but very stable. It is great to control yourself at a suitable height.

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