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Indoor Clothes Dryer Cabinet For Clothes

 Indoor Clothes Dryer Cabinet For Clothes

Choose manufacturer brand, choose top brand

169L large capacity dry clothes stand rack

Cloth dryer hanger with dry average

Temperature : 55-65°C

The test indicates that the fiber can be well protected between 55-65 degrees, making the clothes soft and comfortable, which can protect the clothes and achieve the drying effect.

Electric drying racks with full sterilization

Triple sterilization:

Ultraviolet sterilization (ultraviolet C-class sterilization (235.7UM), can quickly penetrate microorganisms and make them lose their ability to replicate, and at the same time coagulate and denature nuclear protein to kill bacteria and viruses)

Ozone sterilization (ultraviolet UV lamp oxidizes the air to a low concentration of ozone O3, thereby removing bacteria and odor)

Pasteurization(Low temperature ruptures and inactivates microbial cell walls, thus sterilizing)

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