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In case of covid-19. How to wash my hands properly

In case of covid-19. How to wash my hands properly?

First under running water

Then take appropriate amount of hand

Palms facing each other and fingers.

Palms against the back of your fingers along the back of your fingers.

Palms facing each other,hands crossed fingers rubbing each other.

Bend your fingers to make the knuckles, and rub them in the palm of your other hand.

Right hand holding left thumb Rotate and knead alternately.

Put your five fingertips in the palm of your other hand and rub them together.

Rinse hands thoroughly under running water.

Dry your hands and take an appropriate amount of hand lotion for skin care.

We must also take precautions against viruses(covid-19) at home.

In daily life, we can disinfect our clothes by electric clothes rack.

Electric indoor clothes drying rack with disinfection function , and turned off automatically after 30 minutes. OK. You can use the electric clothing rack to disinfect your family clothes for half an hour every day.

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