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Good journey—Sri Lanka

From 24 Aug to 30 Aug, L Best sales director Connie and Salas manager Samyi went to Sri Lanka for business.

    L Best wall mounted clothes hanger is popular and well-known in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore. More and more people and countries will know us in the future. Sir Lanka is one of our most important target country.

We went to two exhibition show. One is SLECC, another one is BMICH. Most of customers showed big interests in our automatic retractable clothes hanger, Because our product is famous for the creative design and high quality. And more, this product is new for overseas. Every family need to hang the clohtes after washing. That’s why L Best go to Sri Lanka. Our target is, provide the best intelligent cloth hanger for every families from all over the world. In the exhibition show, many customers started to know why auto clothes hanger exist. Know how to use it. After, they asked sample order cause they would like to have a try.

    L Best believe that we are not only selling our products, but also advocate healthy balcony culture, it’s love and responsibility. Quality is our words, L Best is your good choice.

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