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Garbage classification, everyone is responsible, co-organizer: LBest

In order to create a regional culture of “innovation, environmental protection and harmony”, enrich employees’ amateur cultural life, enhance team cohesion, promote team building, and stimulate employees’ enthusiasm .Recently, it was held by Yonghe Street, and local companies such as the LBEST Automatic clothes drying rack company co-organized the 2019 health running activity of the “Classification of Waste Sorting, Imagining Happiness and Harmony”. Promote the classification of garbage in a healthy way, and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Let’s go to the site to see it!

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LBest participates in environmental knowledge dissemination

LBest sponsored a high-end smart electric ceiling clothes drying rack for the event as a prize

During the three-hour event, everyone run together and admired the beauty of the park. The participating team members said: “Healthy running activities have strengthened our physical fitness, so that we can invest in work and life with good physical quality and full spirit, and the garbage classification promotion also strengthens the knowledge of garbage classification. Every effort will be made to spread the positive energy of the environment to the society.” In the event, each team member’s face is full of joy and happiness, and everyone enjoys the physical and mental pleasure brought by healthy sports.

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