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Development of LBest automatic cloth drying rack

Voice control is crazy when smart. There is a lot of focus on intelligence. This time, we share the topic of intelligent voice control.

At the same time that electrical appliances have brought convenience to people, their control habits have also changed a lot.


   The Clothes Drying Hanger method that is pulled up and down by wire rope is very popular among users.

Before to 2000, hand-cranked clothes dryer rack dominated the market.

The hand crank has been used for a long time, and the steel wire rope of extendable drying rack is also easy to entangle and break, and the damage rate is high. In addition, the extendable drying rack is only lifted and has a single function.

At the beginning of 2000, the industry’s earliest electric clothes dryer was born in LBest.

LBest is the founder of automatic cloth drying rack.

The R & D team of LBest is constantly optimizing and upgrading the functions and design of automatic clothes hanger, so that the automatic clothes hanger integrates more powerful functions and a better experience.

First, the electric clothes hanger integrates additional functions such as lighting, air drying, heater drying, disinfection, Bluetooth music, negative ions, etc .;

Second, the design is more high-end and more beautiful.

In 2012, Dryer began to control the electric clothes dryer by mobile phone APP and the Internet.

Controlled By app

In 2017, LBest applied the AI concept architecture to the voice interaction of the electric clothes dryer for the first time, and realized the control of the electric clothes dryer through offline voice.

In 2018, LBest deepened the research and development of voice control technology, and took the lead in controlling automatic cloth drying rack online.

In 2019, by upgrading AI technology, automatic clothes hanger not only have online voice control, but also can play music, search encyclopedias, talk and chat, learn, broadcast news, weather broadcast, and so on.

From the manual era, to electric control, to intelligent voice control; the clothes drying hanger industry has been pursued by the  family.

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