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Canton Fair Invitation Situation(2)

Today is China’s Double Ninth Festival, the Double Ninth Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, Every year’s Double Ninth Festival, all places will organize the elderly climbing autumn tours, exchange feelings and exercise. Many families’ younger generation will also help their elders to go to the outskirts.

On this day, the staff arrived at the exhibition early,  LBest salesman is still fully engaged in the work, perhaps today is the Double Ninth Festival, salesmen are more than usual spirit, some stuff laughed and said, “ today after work, we go climbing collectively until the next day sunrise, haha.”

All right, the joke is over. It’s time to get into work.

Gradually, more and more people come and go to the exhibition. Andy (our staff ) uses a universal remote control to control the descent of all rack clothes dryer and other functions. customer are very interested in our technology products, all come in to experience. Customer have come from various countries, some are curious, some customers want to decorate their new homes, and some people want to cooperate with us in his project……

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