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Breakthrough innovation, welcome the new — the 2024 Sales Center’s year-round testing conference is being held in full swing!

In order to comprehensively improve the sales team’s business skills and product knowledge, the company has been promoting business development in the next six months under more favorable conditions. On June 25th, the “Breakthrough and Welcome New Developments — Haoba’s 2024 Sales Center Mid-Year Test” conference was convened. LBEST CEO Liu Haihui and all domestic sales staff participated in this meeting.

Contents of this test:

  1. T1 hidden smart dressing machine.
  2. Product test topic on-site comments, interaction, deepen knowledge.

Through this product test, check for omissions, internal training, learning summary, group team, improve service ability !

T1 Hidden Smart Dressing Machine T1-1104A-DC
·Adjuster thickness up to 8cm
·Lighting release and release function
·Self-defined high-level

Response to each salesperson’s request, equipped with standard and advanced industry knowledge, is a good way to serve customers.With great help, Liu Su-yi was present at the meeting to provide guidance to everyone on the work.

The lecture focused on the key points and key points of the product, and Liu summarized the form in which the staff members were asked to answer questions, conduct experiments, and measure the level of familiarity and understanding of the product knowledge of the participants.

Our sales staff are working hard to incorporate this test, hoping that this will help us to strengthen and solidify our product awareness and fully improve our core competitiveness and market service capabilities.

This year’s test honors:

North China Grand Prizes – Flower Search Prizes

Zhejiang Grand Prizes – Eye-catching Prizes

Northwest Grand Prizes – Status Prizes

All salespeople at Haoba are able to pursue excellence in future product knowledge testing and achieve quantitative and qualitative leaps in their work.

This year’s test will not only bring to the table the professional knowledge of high-level participants, but also allow each participant to put the knowledge they have absorbed into practice, creating more value for individuals and the market.

Liu summed up, “Product training in a company teaches incomplete knowledge, learning is a perpetual topic!” Every single salesperson at a local company learns and grows in such an environment.

In a constantly changing market environment, Hyunba is ready to welcome new challenges to create more value for customers and push forward with new goals!

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