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A happy day !! come on

Hey, there. I am your friend, Lambor 🙂

As Chinese New Year is coming soooon, We called it Spring Festival. So that we will have a holiday from 29 Jan, 2019 to 13 Feb, 2019. It’s half a month that we can not see our colleagues. For celebrate Spring Festival and for team work, L Best overseas department decide to go to travel two days.

Everyone is exciting but where we go? What we do?

Someone said let’s go to climb mountains. Someone said let’s go cycling. Someone said what about sing song?

After the furious discussion, finally, we decide to drive by ourselves to Conghua city which is nearly to Guangzhou, hot spring travel area, rent a villa which can satisfy us BBQ, sing songs, enjoy the hot spring.

After one hour drive, it’s almost 7 o’clock in the evening. We arrived at the villa we rented. All of us is hungry so we rush to make a fire with charcoal. Lydia and i are responsible for fire. Pauline and Pink are responsible for wash vegetables. Connie and Andy are responsible for sing songs to us to enjoy. Jajaja…

After the prefect dinner, we have a singing competition, guess who is the final winner, it’s Lydia, She sings so amazing just as same as the original singer, and make ours motion stay in the songs, being inside.

The only one thing so regretful is there is no electric indoor clothes drying rack in villa. If there is a clothes drying ceiling mounted hanger then it’s all good.

It’s a wonderful night and the second morning, we package our luggage and go to the hot spring.

Do you know what is hot spring?

Hot spring is a kind of spring water. It is a mineral spring water that naturally emerges from the ground. The temperature of the spring mouth is significantly higher than the underground natural spring water of the local average annual temperature, and contains trace elements beneficial to human health.

At last, it’s time to go back to Guangzhou. All of us feel happy and looking forward to the next time. Thanks for watching.

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